Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So we were given the assignment to pick a topic for a blog to write about. Sounds easy enough at first, but it seems like the possibilities are endless. I was given suggestions from family and friends from anything from working at the public library to life with roommates and their "rat dog," to quote my sister directly. However, I wanted to choose something that wouldn't lead me to ranting or being cynical. I came to the conclusion that music would be something I could write about without being too "Dear Diary" like and still personal.

Music has always been an important part in my life. I played the violin for about ten years and enjoyed the experience gained from it; I often wish I still had the time to be able to play. I can't go even a mile in my car without having something on the radio. I believe too often people don't realize the importance of music and how it's in everyone's day to day lives. Music is one of those things that can cross all sorts of lines and allow people to make a connection.

Where would we be without music? We begin incorporating music and song at a very early age; I believe music should actually be more involved in teaching during grade school. To sum up a recent PBS commercial, it's easier to remember things when set to a tune. Programs such as Sesame Street and School House Rock help children become involved in learning, because it's fun. Who doesn't remember the lonely bill "sitting on capital hill" or asking, "conjunction junction what's your function"? We even learn the alphabet to song.

I'm not sure the exact direction I plan to go in while discussing music. I will probably typically discuss more modern band and singer, but I will attempt to look at various genres from Indie to Classical. I'm welcome to any suggestions to making this a better blog and enjoyable for everyone to read. I am open minded to any new music, and I hope to be able to introduce new types of music to readers as well.


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