Sunday, October 25, 2009


For this blog I'll go in various different directions than my last one. Let's tune down and chill out, there's no need to be that angry at the world, all the time at least. One genre that I tend to be sucked into is the female singer-songwriter area. You can't help but to have respect for a woman who can play an instrument, sing, and do it all without provocatively prancing herself around the stage and every bar on the street. One of my current favorite albums right now is "Everybody" by Ingrid Michaelson, her most recent release.

I came across Ingrid Michaelson a few years back on a recommendation radio station on Over the time she's developed a larger fan base and her songs have been included on shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs and One Tree Hill. She is labeled as a indie/pop/folk singer who can play the piano, guitar and ukulele.

"Everybody" is a positive and upbeat album about love and life. The opening track "Solider" starts with a quick and steady tempo. The drums come in to bring the song together and continue the almost marching beat. The song emphasizes the struggles of love and how often it can be like a battle or war. However, "it can be won." Michaelson also demonstrates her pitch range with varying from deeper to higher tones. Michaelson has the ability to have a upbeat feeling while her music often stays rather mellow. The opening of the song "Everybody" reminds me a bit of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and you can picture yourself hanging out on the beach, just relaxing and enjoying life. Michaelson actually sings "Over the Rainbow" on her second album "Be OK." 

Michaelson switches from guitar to piano in her song "Sort Of." She also plays piano during my favorite song "The Chain." A live version is preformed on her "Be OK" cd, which I actually prefer. There are very few times that someone can sing as well or better live as the do recorded, and Michaelson's live tracks do not disappoint. The live opening also includes a cello, which isn't included in the recorded version, which I believes adds depth and emotion to the song. I also fine the song unique because she sings a round. Yes, first thought would be, "didn't we do rounds of "Row Your Boat" in kindergarten?" However, for this song it's a beautiful attribute. She sings about waiting for a lover to return and the ache of dealing with that. "The sky looks pissed" and your "room seems wrong" because your "love is gone."

"Everybody" has a balance of quick tempo song such as the the inspirational "Mountain and the Sea" which says that "you can move a mountain if you want to." The album evens out with slow and melow songs such as the waltz "Men of Snow" and bluesy "Incredible Love." 

All together Ingrid Michaelson has put together a strong and personal album that anyone who might need their day brightened or spirits raised. Michaelson has some brilliant talent vocally, instrumentally, and lyrically. 


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